History Of Home Of God – Haryana

Being empowered and independent are the two most important aspects which are required to run a society peacefully. Many states of India have a rich history of their origin and existence. Haryana has also contributed to those vibrant histories of our country.


Every year Haryana celebrate and commemorate its individuality on November 1 which is known as Haryana day. On this day Haryana was carved our from the state of Punjab in the year 1966. It was declared as an independent and separate state of the country.


Initially, Haryana was part of Punjab province, but the demand for disintegrating the state originated due to conflicting languages. There were some parts of Punjab where Hindi was spoken, also known as Hindi speaking areas of Punjab.

Following this in April 1966, Government of India made Shah Commission for looking and considering the matter of state of Punjab on the recommendation of Sardar Hukum Singh parliamentary committee.

Shah Commission was responsible for determining the boundaries of the state of Haryana based on the language spoken by the people.

Commission did the work, submitted its reports and suggestions by the end of May. Therefore on November 1. Haryana was declared as a separate state and Chandigarh was announced as the shared capital of with Punjab.

Haryana means ‘land or home of God’ or ‘the Abode of God’.

The name of the state is taken from the Sanskrit word ‘Hari’ which means god and ‘Ayana’ which means home. In terms of area, Haryana ranks 21 among 29 states in the country, and it is one among the wealthiest state. Haryana has the highest per capita income and is counted among the most economically developed part of South Asia, contributing significantly in primary, secondary and tertiary sectors.

The state is the epitome of an active zeal and determination when it comes to sports. Most of our medal winners in the Olympics belong to the state of Haryana. It has given our country the feeling of pride on the international platforms.

Being that important to its state, how come sports not become part of the celebration of Haryana day. Many sports are played and enjoyed, and rallies like cycle rally and races are organised in the state.

Several competitions are organised to empower the feeling of competitiveness among people. Government buildings and various institutions are illuminated with lights, which adds to the beauty of the state and its day. Government and many other institutions like school and Universities organise various programs like dance, music, and many more which highlights the core culture of the state.

These celebrations and people’s love toward its state justifies the fact that how important it is to strengthen and respect the individuality and uniqueness of the people, their culture and their state to run a prosperous and peaceful nation.

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