Hindu Wedding At A Mosque: The First Step Towards Religious Unity

One step towards religion unity has been taken by the state of Kerala when a Hindu wedding took place in a mosque. To show the presence of communal amity, the Cheravally Muslim Jamaat Committee, Kayamkulam, hosted a Hindu wedding on the mosque premises, on January 19, 2020. The wedding also included a vegetarian feast, with two payasam, for almost 4,000 people. People cutting across religions attended the event while the Jamaat committee paid all its expenses.

Sarath Sasi of Krishnapuram and Anju Ashok of Cheravally tied the knot as per Hindu rituals in front of lit traditional lamps while a Hindu priest led the marriage. The couple later sought the blessings of chief imam Riyasudeen Faizy as well.

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan termed the wedding “an example of unity from Kerala”. He tweeted: “Congratulations to the newlyweds, families, mosque authorities and people of Cheravally”.

“The committee also gave Anju 10 sovereign gold and Rs 2 lakh as wedding gift besides home equipment like TV and fridge,” said Nujumudeen Alummoottil, secretary of Cheravally Muslim Jamaat Committee. Since he knew Anju’s father personally, he wanted to help the family after her father passed away. He also commented that Anju was the first woman to enter the mosque. He said, When I shared the application with committee members, all of them came forward to arrange facilities for the wedding.

He had received an application from Bindu, wife of late Ashok Kumar, who is staying in a rented house with her three children. We decided to conduct the wedding as per Hindu rituals in the mosque premises.” He had come forward after Bindu, wife of late Ashok Kumar, sought him for help to conduct Anju’s marriage, in October last year. She is extremely thankful to the Jamaat Committee for helping her conduct her daughter’s wedding.

Hindu Wedding At A Mosque: The First Step Towards Religious Unity
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Religious divisions have been a part of India since ancient times. Hindus have a bad feeling towards the Muslims while the Muslims feel the same. The feeling of not being accepted by the other religion has been mutual. However, being a secular country, it shouldn’t matter which religion you are from, because all religions are the same, although this is not being followed in recent times. However, amongst all, sometimes there arise a few occasions when the general belief is proved wrong. That’s what happened at the Cheravally Muslim Jamaat Committee, Kayamkulam. They proved that nothing could beat helping out a fellow human being — not even religion.

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