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Hindu Ho? Muslim Ho? Will Decide Your Life Now

Hindu ho? Muslim ho? These are the only questions asked in the last three days of riots in the area of North East Delhi. How can you be Anti-CAA? How can you be Pro-CAA? How and Why are you even living in this country? These are some of the few questions we all are getting to listen since last two months.

What’s the real issue, What’s the real cause of this chaos, Why are we protesting, Why the peaceful protest is allowed…and much more questions one should have ideally asked in last two months. However, here we are busy in only asking facetious questions, burning vehicles, characterising each other based on pro or anti of some Act. However, the unfortunate side of feeling pity about this is the diversion of this two months-long journey of blame games into a war of religion. It is Hindu v/s Muslim now.

As soon as the arrival date of US President Donald Trump turned, riots started, suddenly stone pelting started in Jafrabad and Majpur-Babarpur area; the fire of this pro or anti spread across every part of North East Delhi.

Hindu Ho? Muslim Ho? Will Decide Your Life Now
Source: Twitter

No one knows why they were throwing stones, fighting against people from other religion; if you are Hindu then chant Jai Shree Ram, burn the mosques, beat policewalas’ also in some case kill them by putting gun straight on their shoulders- yes you got me right I am referring here to the head constable, Ratan Lal who lost his life not fighting against any enemy but securing his countryman and getting stabbed by his people for whom he was selected to protect in the year 1998.

Delhi Police is not working; the newly elected Government is deteriorating the situation, Why is the central government silent, why still no Army is called out till yet?

Speaking out comfortably sitting behind the walls of your secured zone– is it so easy to call for an army? to sacrifice the life of a soldier for those who don’t understand the underlying grounds of humanity? to stand against the constitution, to call anyone for your services?

Thirteen people get killed, and more than 150-including a child-injured as armed mobs rampaged in these three days violent protest in the name of religion. People were damaging properties, burning factories, petrol-pumps, rampaging houses and public vehicles, beating innocent people with lathis.

Hindu ho? Muslim ho? Will Decide Your Life Now
Source: Twitter

What is the crime of all those who are not even part of all this violent act? Why are they suffering the most? Why was Ratan Lal pushed to death? Who will answer all these questions? No one will do, because the rioters know one thing either they are Jai Shree Ram Hypocritic devotees or they are Anti-CAA.

Delhi Government, Central Government and LG of Delhi upheld a meeting on February 25, 2020, concluding that forces like CRPF, RAF would handle the situation along with Delhi Police. NSA Chief Ajit Doval himself visited the North East Delhi Places to have a check on the situation.

Schools are closed, Boards get cancelled, employees are suffering, offices/enterprises are suffering, fear has come in the minds of people, vehicles are not on the roads, Then for whom are we doing all this?

The unfortunate side is why we have come to this situation in our country? Why are we demolishing the impact of peaceful protest of people who are doing it for the past two months?

Youth who should be in education centres is coming out in these protests with Guns and lathis; they don’t have any regret; they are burning places of worship without even thinking twice. We the great netizens again using our biggest silent weapon ‘SOCIAL MEDIA’ to make this chaos more impactful.

Social media account, timelines are filled with posts either related to SAVE HINDUS or SAVE MUSLIMS. The situation has come to a level where chanting JAI SHREE RAM will make you a Hindu and supporting Anti-CAA protest will make me pro Muslim.

In the current situation, people are missing the primary motto of protest against an Act; protests against CAA has now changed to religious fights (HINDU-MUSLIM). People doing riot have lost the primary aim and is building a wall between two religion with hatred. The young growing mind seeing all these will only grow up to hate the others based on religion or caste, and thus the very pillar of our nation “Unity in Diversity” will no longer remain.

Remember the saying of ‘Bapu’ Mahatma Gandhi, “An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”, rest is always our choice because we live in a democratic country where a civilian is armed with more rights than an armed soldier.

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