Dive In – 5 Best Sea-Diving Locations In India

Have you ogled at the mesmerising images of sea life aired on travel channels? Wondered what it would be like to dive in and explore the beauty of nature in the deep waters?

Always waiting for your ticket to Australia to let out the adventurer in you? Well, there is no need for those many efforts anymore when you have got some of the best sea-diving locations in India itself!

#1: Netrani or Pigeon Island, Karnataka

Netrani Karnataka
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Located at 19km from the temple town of Murudeshwara is the most accessible and popular diving destination in the Arabian Sea. With over 100 fish species, vibrant corals in the clear waters with the visibility of over 10m, it has tourist coming from Mumbai, Goa and Bengaluru. Cost: 5,500 – 7,000

#2: Havelock Island, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Andaman and Nicobar Islands
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With one of the best beaches, breath-taking underwater view and marine life, this place defines heaven on earth. People from all over the globe frequently visit Havelock Island. Shipwrecks and boats have become homes to fish and are covered with underwater vegetation make it a gorgeous sight. Divers visiting this island have memories of swimming with Rajan, the ocean elephant. Cost: Rs 5,000 – 10,000

#3: Grand Island, Goa

Grand Island
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Even though it isn’t one of the best diving sites, people come here in large numbers due to its accessibility. Located a few km from South Goa, one can enjoy an active marine life and see shipwrecks here. Cost: 5,000 – 8,000

#4: Tarkarli, Maharashtra

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The beautiful Tarkarli is a beachside haven to be explored in the company of family and friends! Be amazed by the exotic underwater creatures with this scuba diving experience. Embark on the breath-taking Dolphin Safari and the Tsunami Island Safari, and be taken by a rich past with a visit to Nivanti Fort. Be surrounded by fascinating flora and fauna during the Sangam Safari. Cost- 2,000-4,000

#5: Alibaug, Maharashtra

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At Alibaug, every beach has at least one water sports with trained professionals for supervision. Scuba diving is present near Murud-Janjira Fort. It’s not as famous as the other diving sites but its soon going to be India’s best water activity centre with its developing pace on full course ahead. I hope you enjoy reading and have set a plan to dive in these places.

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