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Aditya Sachdeva’s murder case : Murder not a Road Rage

Anyone who is familiar with Indian movies will find a similarity between movies depicting ‘gundaraj’ by the politicians and their relatives, and this gloomy reality of present day India.
A nineteen-year-old teenager named Aditya Sachdeva is murdered in a car on a busy road in Bihar’s city Gaya by a politician’s son and now it has been termed a road rage incident. It’s a perfect example of Indian political system is corrupt at the very basic level. Even the police who is responsible for the safety of its citizens is not doing its job.

Rocky Yadav, Bihar’s MLC Manorama Devi’s son shoots at a car which was driven by a group of teenagers just because they overtook his car. He shot twice and one bullet hit Aditya and he lost his life. After the incident, the culprit was helped by his parents, who both have a criminal history, and he fled the city. A criminal warrant was launched against him and while searching his house, liquor was found and since then, Manorama Devi has been absconding.

Meanwhile, victim’s parents are traumatized by the incident. They are begging to the state government for punishing the perpetrators.

Aditya Sachdeva’s Parents
But, look at the irony. Son of two alleged criminals is given a gun license. Bihar’s CM is so busy in organizing meetings outside the state that he is least bothered about his own people. The deputy CM compares the incident to the terrorist attacks in Pathankot. The clothes of the deceased were found in the trash by the parents after post mortem, which could have been used in the speedy trial. The police shows the gun used by culprits with bare hands, without gloves.
Do we not have any limits now as to who should be given a license for keeping a gun? Is this a time to revamp your relations with other states? Is this a time to lament the Central Government with absurd comments? Do these innocent teenagers look like terrorists to the state? Is this not tampering with the proofs?

These questions need to be answered soon and justice should be served to the helpless parents who lost their kid. A fast track trial is extremely necessary for this case so that any such case in the future shouldn’t take place at all. Any innocent life should not be lost at the hands of those who claim to lead our country. Today’ s requirement is not to compare the state and central government and look at each other’s misdoings, but making right whatever is going wrong in our own domain and serving justice to the common people.

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