Women Equality 2018
Source: LGBT History Archives

Feminism- the most misunderstood word of many centuries. Feminism has been so deeply misunderstood for so long, that certain feminists are now called “feminazis”; being equated with a group of people who were involved in the genocide of another group. This must mean, that men believe women – or feminists – only seek the ruination of men. This thinking needs to change. This has become even more glaringly obvious in the light of recent events.

First, feminism is not about the oppression of men, or women becoming rulers of the world. Feminism stands for the equality of the sexes. When will the world understand this utterly basic fact? Second, feminism doesn’t become an all-female movement, just because the word sounds like “female”. There can be (and are) feminist men; just as there can be anti-feminist women. Not all women understand or support, the movement.

With some actors of Hollywood not supporting the #MeToo movement (an instance being Liam Neeson calling it a “witch hunt” in January. This is extremely ironic since the actual witch hunt was essentially aimed against women), what are we supposed to believe? Does this indicate that speaking against sexual harassment – of both, women and men – is not necessary? Or maybe that sexual harassment is not as big of an issue as some people are making it be?

Moreover, today, there is a need for not only giving power to women but also, for sensitizing men. Even in the 21st century, some men (and unfortunately, women), refuse to acknowledge that men and women are equal. They argue, that “men and women are created differently. Nothing can change that.” Nobody really can change that, and no one really wants to. However, “different” does not, and should not, equate to “unequal”.

Feminism is about equality. It’s about equal pay at work, equal rights, equal representation, and most of all, equal respect. Whatever its faults, feminism at its roots, is the demand for the equality of the sexes. It is not a perfect movement, but it has come to be very deeply misunderstood. To a rational person’s utter disappointment, now, more than giving to women, it is seen as taking from men. This ideology needs more awareness, and more support, by both the sexes. On what basis can we call ourselves a civilized society, if we cannot offer half of our own kind something as basic as equality?

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