A Cry

I wanna be something I want to,
you make me something I can’t do.
My scars are still very clear,
A hold too tight I can’t bear.
I wanna be a child who cries thin, 
but still feels happy inside him.
The perfect girl, the perfect guy,
A dream too high for me to fly.
The pain within is still not dry 
With showers of guilt pouring by
When she was asked the reason why,
The heart did speak but the lips got shy.
I wish I could get her back,
and hold her in my arms to weep.
With a sour voice and a heart numb, 
she cried as there was yet to come.
Death grows near he holds the fear,
that one day he’ll win.
I wanna set loose,
But the night’s too dark.
I wanna open the chains,
But the bond’s too strong.
I sit in my room crying like a doll,
Hoping one day something won’t go wrong.
I wanna hear back that someone understood,
that what I did wasn’t my fault

It was fate who misunderstood.
Every time I try to stand,
You push me further down.
I try to get myself back…………..

But the pain comes along

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