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Faith, Belief and Women – Trupti Desai

From bans to lifting of bans, India’s development is always being hampered, as a result of the baseless protests and campaigns. Nowadays the youth has forgotten what a protest is for and a campaign for, they find it like just another game to play. Get up in the morning, see some people fight over a petty issue, poke your nose in it, start screaming, bashing and barking. That’s what a campaign is for this Bhumata Brigade president Trupti Desai, when the kids don’t even have the knowledge or say in selecting their clothes, for what good reason on earth will he/ she protest?

Be it the beef ban or euthanasia killing or women and the temple rituals, India wants to develop, but these petty thinking people become hindrances for the growth. Aren’t these people partly criminal for making noise on matters that don’t need to acknowledged right away?! If this lady really wanted to change the perspective of a woman and her beliefs, she must have gone to educate the illiterates, to provide food for the needy and to supply water to those who are not fated to get some, to get the Dalits their rights, to improve the economic and financial conditions of the country, instead of making fun of herself by breaking into temples and worship places.

A religious practice is never based on scientific or technological findings; it is certainly based on the beliefs and customs of the preceding generations. There can be revisions, additions done to the practices but never can a religious belief and rule be questioned. Why can’t one question it? Mainly because to question something we need to know the subject thoroughly, and as far as Desai is concerned I don’t think she has the capacity to ingrain the religious texts of various religions in her. And when one doesn’t know the subject the essence of the matter is lost, the matter loses its base. To not let women in temples or mosques or churches must have a strong reason to do so. Those possible reasons could be; previously a woman never left her house, she never questioned anything. Which, most of us will call slavery or suppression. What are you fighting for? Did you walk to the lady you are fighting for to ask her if she found that sort of a behavior to be harsh? One man’s sweet is always other man’s poison.

To fight a cause that is not a collective worry is a waste of the country’s time. Also, it might seem to her that the issue is important, but is it going to cost us a lot? Recently I read an article and the author was so concerned about the fact that there is no protection provided to the tribal women, although we have the so called police. Who will protect them when the police itself is going to behave like a dictator? To make a better understanding of the statement I’m making, I will quote an incident, somewhere near Haryana’s forest a tribal woman had sold a few items and earned money, from the earnings she went to shop a few things that were her subsequent needs. While she was shopping a police officer arrested her. The next time she opened her eyes, she was in the police station. It can’t get any worse, the police had named her their consort and raped her almost every day. This was making her feel terrible and self-hatred started to build in her.

This incident makes most of us numb but a larger crowd doesn’t feel anything. This proves that the country is slowly losing humanity, the possible reason could be that; the many protest, scandals, scams and campaigns the more numb and dull the crowd becomes. We just can’t differentiate between the truth and false. We are blind and start taking everything in a negative way. This protest is again going to make us expression and thoughtless of the women because this sort of a movement will not only incite people but increase the violence in the country.
Hoping she understands the impact of her ill-judged protest, hope she realizes the anxiety and feelings of every other individual and tries not to hamper/hurt/hinder that. I’m not going to say she’s wrong, but I’m also not supporting her movement either.

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