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“Those conspiring against me will bite the dust.” – Modi

To his visit to Vadnagar our PM’s native place we witnessed a different side of him. The above statement was delivered by the PM in Vadnagar, the place he visited after 7 yrs. PM was seen touched by the old memories of the place which grew fresh by the visit.

Also, he spoke about his old friends and their shed teeth while he saw them in Vadnagar during his visit. He seemed happy with these refreshing memories. He spoke about the memories and that of the political ups and downs with his people. He visited temples to recall his memories and when got a chance he asserted that” The blessings of Bhole Baba gave me the strength to consume and digest the poison”. By this, he meant the poison the life of a PM is embedded with.

Source: TOI

With many another statements such as the above, he took the chance to criticise the UPA government in different ways (something he does only when he gets the little time from his trips, jokes apart). All this took a stand when the opposition has been seen criticising every aspect of the present government, be it demonetization, GST, or little things like price hikes.

This also came days after PM Modi asserted that ‘Cash to GDP ratio falls from 9% from 12% after demonetization’ in one of his addresses and also days and days after ‘he inaugurated the biggest Indian Dam after 56 years of its foundation ‘.The government has had dark days of railway mishaps and the government’s horoscope is certainly not at its best now, as a result of which all the political leaders have taken the opportunity to take a gig at the government.

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In the present scenario when the government is making various efforts to stabilize the chaos GST is creating in the country such statements by the others may create bigger cold wars. In one such condition PM has coldly mentioned that anyone trying to make conspiracies against him will see his doom and will bite the dust, warning those who are constantly making weird baseless comments against the government and it’s endeavors.

It will be worth seeing that in the coming days how Modi government makes a statement with some new and necessary amendments for the country people. Something the government has been believing since long ( act don’t just flaunt).

Although for PM supports these gigs are hurting, but for others, these are part of the spice the political situation of the country brings. Such spices are best when discussed on top news channels through debates, those are definitely a worth watch.


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