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Central India’s largest student held Hackathon – Version Beta

In an attempt to ignite the development of a positive environment in favour of innovation, ISTE MANIT has launched what is soon going to be Central India’s largest student held hackathon, Version Beta. Version Beta, simply put, is a 36-hour onsite hackathon where participants have to code innovative solutions to problems coming under the cloud of Home/Work or Health and Fitness.

The flow of Version Beta will be as follows:

  • Idea submission till October 20 (Yes the portal is already open, hurry!).
  • Selected teams with the best ideas get to come here in MANIT for a 36-hour marathon of coding.
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The Technical extravaganza also includes a workshop by Coding Blocks on ‘Competitive Programming and the guide to ace coding interviews’ which will be mentored by the highly regarded tutor Prateek Narang.

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In addition, there will be a seminar on ‘How to start contributing to open source projects and approach tech giants for jobs and internships’ by none other than Mozilla, the pioneer of open source projects and Developer Circles by Facebook.

Maulana Azad National Institute of Techology
Source: NewsAurChai Media

For details about the pricing of workshop and seminar, visit our website

Registration for Version Beta is free!

The sole purpose of this initiative is to develop some groundbreaking solutions under our roof in the most conducive of environments. How are we delivering on our promise?

There will be free snacks and beverages ( No, we ain’t stopping here), free meals, free T-Shirts, merchandise. All in all, there will be prizes worth 14.85 lakh at stake.

Rest assured, everyone will go home a winner. The only prerequisite is that you should have that desire, that zeal to conjure innovative solutions and we will cover the rest.

  • Registrations can be done in teams of maximum 4 members.
  • For details, registration and idea submission visit

See you on site.


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