10 Reasons Why Girls Easily Fall For Doctors

I, personally have a strong psychological attraction toward doctors. Well, I am not alone. Lots of other girls experience the same kind of adrenaline rush or strange ‘tingly’ feeling when it comes to seeing their doctors .So why we girls like doctors so much? Let’s dig a little deeper.

  • “Brainy is the new sexy …”- Irene Adler has rightly said about being intelligent is kind of irresistibly sexy…Some girls find academically sound people more attractive than other males. And being a doctor means they were always a straight ‘A’ student.pic 1
  • Those white lab coats: Yes those white lab coats really mesmerize us. We associate an authoritative feature with those coats subconsciously. They proclaim a somewhat ‘next to God’ vibe with their uniform.
    When smartness and confidence wear white lab coats.
  • Disciplined and Reliable: Being a doctor is a good sign of being a disciplinary. The kind of extensive training which medical schools provide, you can’t pass your semesters unless you are disciplined and have a high level of integrity. And some girls find disciplined man extremely admirable.
    When good look also has a good grade
  • Doctors have more patience: Women love guys who listen and pay attention. And you can’t beat a doctor when it comes to listening other’s problems. They tend to listen to us more patiently than our own boyfriends or sometimes even more than our BFFs. Now, who won’t fall for a guy like that?
    pic 4
    Undivided attention can leads to undivided attraction
  • “Hands…healing hands…” – Monica: Yes the image of a doctor is associated with the image of a healer. Being a healer is a total turn on for some girls, rather for most of us.pic 5
  • Doctors are professional Nurturer: Girls love the person who takes care of them at their hour of need. Thus falling for doctors actually have strong psychological backings.
  • It’s Money Honey: Well let’s face it…Women love money, not because they are money hungry sharks, and love to depend on others, financially. It’s because women are the bearer and subconsciously we look out for partners who can provide more secure future for our next generation. So decent income and a promise of a stable and secure ‘Nest’ is what draw women toward doctors. Seriously you can’t even think of earning as much as a well-established doctor unless you are the CEO of a company.pic 7
  • Alpha touch: For most of us, doctors commanding everyone else to do certain things, is alluring. Most of the time they act cool as if nothing can bother them at all, thus, this calm and confident feature manage to swoon most women sexually. Especially who love being around alpha males.
    pic 8
    Ovary Explosion Alert: Authoritative Alpha Spectrum
  • Beta Tune: As I have already said, doctors are nurturers, healers, intellectually sound people whom we can trust, they ensure our safety and comfort, these all beta male traits attract us, woman, we just loving being pampered…And doctors do it professionally.
    pic 9
    Ultimate Beta Personality: #Ross
  • Last but not least: All doctors have a charming appeal, they easily build up a rapport with us, and sometimes some of them do a subtle flirting, which can be easily tempting.pic 10

So all aspiring medical students, after reading this I am sure you will be more dedicated towards your medical entrance preparations…Well, good luck with that.pic11

And guys, who are already doctors, thank you for taking such good care of us, and one more request please don’t get married too soon.

Ankita Das

I am what you can say a girl in hurry always, a book worm, a diehard Coldplay fan. And always hold a positive attitude in life. I believe if we don’t challenge ourselves we can never be better version of us. Love to be around people and always be there when my closest persons need me. Talk to every body but I have my circle where I actually open up.

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