Pallavi Singh – Desi Girl with Desi Profession and a love for Desi Ghee

“Pallavi Singh is a dream Hindi teacher and makes even the dullest chores of language learning- grammar, verbs, gender- Fun!”, says Mr. William Dalrymple.

No wonder most of us love to explore and learn new languages. Ever wondered or even imagined if someone from our own country triumphed to teach our national language as a foreign language to others?

She is a simple girl who loves exploring, She was a psychology student, who used to teach Hindi as a part-time profession. It happened when she was 23, that’s when she realized things have to be done with passion, and passion must be the profession. The institute had hired her as a Hindi teacher and then on there was no looking back or turning around. She doesn’t hold any regrets in her heart. She is content with her profession and her star students!

To have another language is to have another soul!

Life is but a race, a race to excel. Amidst running the race we forget our passion!

 Probably this girl can’t or never gave up her passion. People might have aspired to see her as a doctor, engineer, lawyer and what not. She chose to proudly dispense the knowledge she had acquired over the years!

She is the ideal Indian. She is Pallavi Singh. She teaches Hindi as a foreign language to expats/foreigners in Mumbai.

Eventually, she started teaching Hindi when she was a student herself. At a tender age of 20 and now she has converted the part-time job to a full-time job. She says “These Hindi classes are not tuitions, these are classes where you get to learn the language in a fluid way with no boundaries and tests.”

“Language is a road map of culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going.”

However when she was asked about her credentials she said “I have taught 400+ Expats since 2011. I am currently retained by the American Consulate, Spanish Consulate, Belgian Consulate, Australian Consulate and German International School in Mumbai as an official Hindi Tutor for their staff and family members. I have been a speaker at TEDx talking about Language serving as a Social Inclusion Tool.”

 However,this reply is so subtle and simple, looks like she did nothing in her life. But in reality, this is exceptional and sensational to face so many people. Personally, I can’t talk to so many people or interact with firangis!

She teaches people from various facets and walks of life, ranging from Bollywood backdrop dancers and models to students, official diplomats and foreigners married to Indians. Her proud addition to the list is Mr. William Dalrymple, an acclaimed Historian and Author and Ms. Jacqueline Fernandez; the Bollywood Star.

Furthermore, her aim in life is to inspire and uplift people. She feels every profession is important and all of us must pursue a profession that our heart and mind agrees upon! Be it a better paying job or an underpaying job, all we need is to dedicate ourselves, once the joy hits you on your face she’s 100% sure you’ll relish it!

Finally, when asked if she relishes her job, she humbly replied: ” Of course I do, why do you think I’m here if not?” She has been a psychology student and her passion walked her to teach Hindi. She loves her job and prefers to remain single and independent.

Relishing what we love doing proves we have lived a fruitful life. And there is no point in living a life with no memories! She surely is one of a kind. She also wishes to open her institute for Hindi in the future, we at NewsAurChai wish you all the success and prosperity.

Her Parents are surely proud of her and so are the Indians!

Way to go girl! All the best!

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