Here Are The Tips To Make Your Board Exams Easy

Boards, boards, boards. Is this what you hear nowadays? And you are thinking about how to ace your exams? We have got you covered. Here are some tips to help you perform better in your exams during this exam season.

#The three Cs’- Commitment, Courage, and Confidence

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Do you plan to take the exams without these three things? Hey, hey, you are doing a blunder. Here is why- first of all, you need strong commitment. Commitment to do and finish your syllabus no matter what. Plus to do that, you would need courage combined with confidence. You will need to have a lot of courage to take this exam (however, boards are no big deal) and with that, you will need to have confidence that you can do it.

#Practice previous year question papers

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Students tend to ignore previous year question papers, but this is where you would receive your golden marks. Practising previous year question papers will give you an extra edge over others because you would know what kind of questions to expect in the exam. Also, this will, in turn, boost your courage and confidence.

#Don’t take literature subjects lightly

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Often students oversee their potential of scoring good marks by not paying attention to their literature subject. Don’t be that student. Literature subjects are beneficial in scoring and are excellent for getting good grades. All you need is to understand the lessons properly and get a summary of everything.

#Eat healthy food

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Again what the older adults say, that avoid junk and processed food. You see, junk food damages the brain cells and doesn’t help in memory retention. What might help though is, dry fruits like almonds, which are great for memory retention, milk which fully nutritious and avoid food that would upset your stomach.

#Proper sleep

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If you don’t sleep well, your brain will not rest and as a result, you won’t be fully equipped the next day to study with full enthusiasm.

#Study in chunks and not at a stretch

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Studying in chunks like 25 mins or 50 mins with a 5 or 10 mins break can do wonders. Your brain will enjoy whatever you studied and also remember it.

#Refer to the internet

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It’s the age of modern technology and the internet comes very handy during these times. Refer to sites like Wikipedia to broaden your concept regarding a topic. Go through toppers’ notes. Furthermore, watch videos on concepts you don’t understand on youtube.

#Revise, revise, revise

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Lastly, you need to revise as much as possible, because, without revision, your studying is fruitless, do smart study and see which part of the syllabus has a maximum output (marks) and revise as much as you can. This will also boost your confidence.

Follow these tips, and you are sure to ace your exams. Don’t do the same mistakes others did and learn from their mistakes — all the best buddy.

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