Donald Trump says ‘fan of India and Hindu’

What happened: Donald Trump said that he is a big fan of India and Hindus and if he is elected, India will have a true friend at the White House.

Who is involved: Donald Trump, Republican Hindu Coalition

When did it take place: 16th October, 2016

Where did it take place: Edison, New Jersey, United States of America

Why did that happen:

The Republican Hindu Coalition in Edison, New Jersey invited Donald Trump for a charity event organized on the lines of anti-terrorism. During the event, Trump, the Republican Presidential nominee was in complete support of the Hindus based in the United States and told the people there that he is a ‘big fan of Hindu and India’.

In his style of praising himself and his work, he mentioned how he has two ‘massive’ projects in India which were ‘very successful’ and ‘very wonderful’. He also said how India was an ‘incredible country’ which had ‘incredible people’ and wanted to go back there.

Trump has always been talking about illegal immigrants and he realized the fact that Indian Americans have arrived there taking the legal route of applying for the H1B visa, green card, and then finally being a citizen of the country. He also acknowledged the fact that Indians have one of the highest levels of education in the US and he will improve the situation by lowering taxes and eliminating regulations. He reiterated what he has been saying all along, this time specifically for India – great trade deals, better relationships between the two countries, and a strong military force together.

He also had praise for India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. Trump mentioned that Modi was energetic and a great leader.

Of course, as is the case with every Trump rally, there were a group of people outside the venue who didn’t support Trump and Modi – and these people were labeled as pro-Pakistan.

This event was organized by an Indian American from Chicago – Shalabh Kumar who said that American values and Indian values are the same.

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