Ajay Devgn Says “Achha Hai”

In a recently released video by a popular YouTube channel – Being Indian, Ajay Devgn recites a beautiful and heart-warming poem titled ‘Achha Hai’. The poem has been penned by Vinod Sharma and the strong rustic voice of the Shivaay actor adds to the charm.

The mesmerizing poem gives a message of love, of appreciating the little things in our lives that we mostly tend to ignore in this fast-paced and melancholic life. How important it is to pay attention to the ripple effect that our words and actions cause. And how equally important it is to shower gratitude on those people who make our lives beautiful.

So stop, take a deep breath, just look around and see the things that you have never noticed before because you never know what you may end up finding.

And let’s be grateful for all the beautiful things in our lives that make us smile and glad to be alive. Let’s appreciate the people around us and stop to say a thank you with a smile to the person serving us coffee. Let’s say kind things to each other when we meet. Let’s all say “Accha Hai” and spread this message of love.

Durrey Shahwar

An HR student by profession. Bibliophile, Logophile, and Ailurophile. Aspiring writer, coffee addict,and a big foodie.

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