Say no
Source: womenshealthmag

#1: In The Event Of Emergency

Wing it… And hope like hell that he ends up being the date you hope for. Maybe you forgot to arrange an ’emergency exit’. Maybe he stubbornly insists on another round. If so, try to temper his enthusiasm and decrease his interest.

#2: Spill a drink on yourself

Ways To Escape

Decide which article of clothing is worth sacrificing and then accidentally spill your wine or coffee. As you are visibly shaken tell your date that this is favourite blouse or pants and that you must go home right away. Make a bee line for the door asap.

#3: Tell him you spotted your ex-boyfriend

As you are sitting there calmly yell out “oh, my God!” and immediately pick up the menu and cover your face. Tell your date that your ex-boyfriend, the one you cheated on, is there and if he sees you there’s going to be a scene. Quickly gather your things and bolt for the door.

#4: The White Lie

Ways To EscapeSometimes it’s better to be gentle with your let-down. Tell your date that you have plans you forgot about or that you left something important at home and you have to leave immediately. This prevents you from having to tell them how upset they’re making you.

#5: Call For Back-Up

If you’re concerned that a date you’ve planned is going to get awkward, make arrangements beforehand. Prior to your date, ask a friend to call you halfway through the night.

#6: Find out what he’s looking for

As you sit down with your date ask him what he is looking for in a woman. Once he reveals the qualities and characteristics that he desires look him straight in the eye and tell him that you are the wrong girl for him because you don’t have any of those qualities.

#7: Say you hate sex

Casually drop that you despise sex and have never had it from the get-go. Then make it a point to overly avoid any personal contact, say you hate being touched, being naked and intimate relationships. The bill will be there in no time.

#8: Fake an illness or period pain

Ways to escape

Put on your best award-winning performance and play sick. Start rubbing your head and referencing your terrible migraines or rush to the bathroom every five minutes. It won’t take long for your date to get the hint that you’re sick. For ladies, the flow is always a perfect excuse to get away.

#9: Talk about your ex and start sobbing

Remark on how they remind you of some great qualities of your ex had like the smile, laughter and even the eyes. Then start getting emotional & if you are very skilled, put on the waterworks.

#10: Try A Do-Over

The “date from hell” might not be a bad person; maybe they’re just nervous. Stop them and politely tell them that they’re not currently coming across as a potential partner, but you’d like to try again. And then just never meet.